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The ESPS Electrical Safety Audit Tool (ESAT)  LOAD PDF

This audit software tool was acquired in November of 2007 from eCompliance Management Solution Inc. ( in an effort to streamline the completion of ESPS's Electrical Safety Audit Process.  The core of the software tool is provision of protocols, i.e. question sets, elements of the audit, with an dynamic scoring system built in and automatic report generation.  ESPS has customized the eC Audit Tool software from eCompliance, with 9 unique electrical safety focussed protcols/categories, the ESAT contains over 600 questions.

The software also provides the ability to set up the audit with client information, and audit information.  An automated process is provided for compiling the audit report, which can be issued in DRAFT format before leaving the client's office or facilities.  More detailed analysis of documentation, interviews, observations, and auditors notes offsite, can be quickly updated in the ESAT, and facilitation of issuing the FINAL report to the client is completed in days instead of weeks.

The ESPS ESAT can be acquired under license agreement by our clients for Self Assessments or Self Audits.  ESPS can provide an intial baseline Electrical Safety Audit, and the required consulting services every 2-3 years to complete an external audit.


The ESPS Electrical Safety Audit Tool (ESAT) is powered by software from, utilizing their eC Audit Tool™.

About e-Compliance is the leading provider of compliance based Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management solutions in Canada.

Our commitment to high quality, technology solutions, continuous improvement and superior customer service is what we pride ourselves on.  As a customer-centric organization, we focus on applying the latest technology to build practical and cost effective solutions that address the OHS needs of our customers.

The acceptance of new technologies and the shift of OHS from a pure compliance function to a competitive advantage and a basic requirement to do business, has mandated the development of productivity improvement tools to manage OHS programs.  These are the solutions we, at eCompliance, specialize in and that we design, build and implement for our customers.

About the eC Audit Tool e-Comp Audit Tool Logo

The eC Audit Tool™ is a derivative of the Audit tool found in eC Health & Safety™.  This provides an off-line audit tool that can be taken into the field or to a customer location on a laptop where live internet connectivity may not be available.  Results can then be synchronized with the online OHS program and backed-up when connectivity is available.  The eC Audit Tool utilizes the same technology that was implemented in eC Health & Safety™ and can therefore be adapted to any standard or protocol.

This tool is highly configurable and is used by:

  • Consultants in different sectors of OHS and Risk Management;
  • Certifying partners and/or OHS associations that can brand the application as a co-branded audit solution;
  • It can also effectively be used by Internal and External Auditors; and
  • As a Control Self Assessment (CSA) or Internal Audit tool.




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